Bob McGuire P.E.

I am an engineer and inventor, with several important patents, but over the years my efforts became focused on widely divergent interests, for decades at a time. After working earnestly on exotic tropical fish breeding, I became a lapidary; and then gradually transformed into an avid bowhunter. I started writing outdoor magazine articles and books, then turned to wildlife photography and cinematography. Eventually I invested in broadcast quality video equipment and produced hundreds of TV segments and commercial videos. I enjoyed having my own national TV shows, and finally wound up in the paintball industry, with a third national TV series. My wife, Jeri, and I jumped into the specialty risk insurance business, and I crafted ASTM standards for safe paintball games. My new family (wife Jeri and son Dan) traveled extensively, as we produced TV shows and conducted paintball tournaments all across the country.

I hope to continue my adventures with all of my close family and friends. I will be posting a few examples of my life work in these pages.