Bob McGuire P.E.

First and foremost, I am an engineer and inventor, with several important patents. However, over the years, my widely divergent interests carried me into several serious distractions that gained importance as time slid thru my changes of life. My efforts gradually refocused on widely divergent interests, for decades at a time. After I received my Master’s degree from the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, I worked as a design engineer for a large Mining Machinery  manufacturer.  I quickly progressed up the corporate management ladder until I was a division manager, and eventually found myself with several hobbies and outside interests that presented potential revenue sources.

Late in my high school years I became a lapidary and learned to facet rough natural gemstones into brilliant jewelry centerpieces for rings and pendants.  During that same period I was enjoying breeding exotic tropical fish and had a basement full of breeding aquariums and a specialized clientele of wholesale customers.

I then gradually transformed into an avid bowhunter. I started writing outdoor magazine articles and books, then turned to wildlife photography and cinematography. Eventually I invested in broadcast quality video equipment and produced hundreds of TV segments and commercial videos. I enjoyed having my own national TV shows, and finally wound up in the paintball industry, with a third national TV series. My wife, Jeri, and I jumped into the specialty risk insurance business, and I crafted ASTM standards for safe paintball games. My new family (wife Jeri and son Dan) traveled extensively, as we produced TV shows and conducted paintball tournaments all across the country.

I hope to continue my adventures with all of my close family and friends. I will be posting a few examples of my life work in these pages.