I attended the Ohio State University for eight years, and received Bachelors and Masters degrees from the Ohio State University College of Engineering. I then started my industry work experience as a young engineer at a large mining equipment manufacturer in Columbus, Ohio.

I enjoyed my experiences in managing engineers and manufacturing departments, but I allowed my personal interests to overwhelm my formal education.  Over the years, most of my accumulated experience came from unrelated fields, but my engineering background still serves me today in my capacity as an expert witness for specialty risk liability insurance companies.

At the time of this writing I was 74 years old, having arrived on October 10, 1943, to Harvey and Harriet McGuire, in Indianapolis, Indiana. My earliest memories came from childhood activities with my twin brother, Dave, as we ran around the neighborhoods in East Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years, our family moved three times, but we remained in East Cleveland, where we entered kindergarten and eventually graduated from Shaw High School in 1961.

I married in 1961 and had a lovely family for ten years, with three children… Kathy, Mike, and Chris. Kathy and her husband Curt live in Ohio, and we always manage to enjoy special times on mini-vacations. Mike has a prosperous business in Ohio, and has long been my favorite hunting partner.

In 1977 I married my beautiful best friend, Jeri. She has since been my co-pilot, my navigator, the mother of our son, Dan, and my companion in the darkest as well as the brightest of times.  Jeri has been the love of my life… forever together. It’s been a long road, with lots of bends and corners. Our small family has traveled many thousands of miles, crisscrossing the US and Canada in our motor home.

I have enjoyed great times with close friends. Jeri and I vacationed with Bud and Kathy Orr in Alaska, where we traveled for a week together on  rail and on road. Earlier, I spent years following bears  and collaborating in special adventures with Dr. Lynn Rogers, the premier black bear  biologist in Ely Minnesota. I also introduced our close friends Tom and Carol (Kaye) to wild bears in Northern Minnesota, and our families have enjoyed long vacations together in Minnesota and in Arizona. Great people, great times.

Details of my professional history are on LinkedIN.